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Promote your Instagram account and receive daily rewards in Unitgram liquid coin

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Platform features

what we do

Promotion on Instagram

Get an unlimited number of followers and activity for free

Receiving rewards

Get daily rewards from DPos mining in Unitgram coin

what we do

Benefits of Unitgram platform


By inviting only 5 active users and making them do the same, you will get 100 000 or more real followers


We do not violate Instagram rules, all users start following you by their own choice, which ensures organic traffic


With our service, you’ll get not only tens and hundreds of thousands of followers, but also daily rewards in Unitgram liquid coin


UnitGram is a service with which you can grow your Instagram subscriber base, increase your profile activity, and earn money by attracting new members. The service works on the principle of geometric progression. By subscribing to 14 sponsor accounts and inviting 10 or more people, you can grow your subscriber base up to 20,000 or more in a few months.

Yes, this is an absolutely free service. To grow subscriber base you need to invite new users and perform simple tasks.

We do not violate the terms of Instagram. This looks like people simply subscribing to each other. And even if Instagram decides to ban it, it’s technically impossible, since it’s impossible to calculate the users of our service, unless the user himself reports this on his Instagram page.

Yes, everything will stop working, so if you change the account name you need to immediately change it in your Unitgram settings.

If you unsubscribe from sponsor accounts, your account will be deactivated. This means that your account will not be offered for subscriptions. If this happens, you need to subscribe to everyone again and manually send the account for verification in your Unitgram telegram bot account.

They still get to the person who invited them, but if the person stopped working, his account is disabled and no one subscribes to it. And for the newly registered people, other accounts are offered for subscription instead.

UNITGRAM coin is a currency with which you can pay for additional services in the Unitgram service. This coin has a starting price – “—-“, which varies depending on the demand for it.

Delegation is the process of transferring your coins to the masternode.

UNITGRAM coin is built on “Minter” blockchain. Each user has the opportunity to delegate his UNITGRAM coins to DPoS mining (min. amount is $ 20 equivalent), and receive rewards – up to 0.3% interest per day.

Warning! The amount of the rewards directly depends on several parameters of Minter blockhain, so pay attention to the possible risks associated with this technology and do not invest borrowed or last money!

Delegation rewards
As soon as you send the coins to work, Unitgram bot automatically sends them to the masternode address. Delegation rewards are accrued to your balance daily, at the time at which you sent the coins to work.


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